Top 10 Wines for Challenging Economic Times

Wines Trends: On a Budget

Master Sommelier Eddie Osterland's suggested wines to identify you as being a true Power Entertainer who is up on the latest trends in wines.

Prosecco from Italy/ CAVA from Spain: Everyone feels special when you start with bubbles and you can achieve this very reasonably ($10-20) with these sparklers. Prosecco is slightly less bubbly and CAVA offers great value. One of my favorites is Segura Viudas Reserve that sells for $19.00 this one always hits the mark and the bottle is stunningly packaged.

Grü ner Veltliner from Austria: Here is a versatile "food-friendly" white that is quite popular with us sommeliers. Good ones identify themselves with a distinct "white pepper" nose. Most of these can be had for less than $20.

Dry German Rieslings: Not all rieslings are sweet. Some of the best food wines I know are the "dry-style" Rieslings labeled Halbtrocken (semi-dry) and Trocken (very dry). If you want to sample some of the best of these you simply have to go to Ask them to ship you a sampler 6 pack and you will see what I mean. Very reasonably priced!

Torrontés from Argentina: Here is a delightful wine that hasn't yet been widely discovered and offers great value (less than $15). The Torrontés grape reminds me of Viognier with its hints of peach, flowers and orange. Ask your retailer for ones with vibrant acidity and your guests will be impressed.

South African Sauvignon Blanc: On a recent trip to South Africa with my fellow Master Sommeliers I was quite impressed with the style of sauvignon blancs I saw in this region (sort of in between New Zealand's racy acidities and fuller bodied Loire Sancerres). Serve these and you will stand out!


Let's Not Forget the Reds:

Portuguese Reds from Douro region: These are my style wines (delicate, feminine, and balanced) and ideally suited for food. If, like me you are tired of those over-oaked, alcoholic, highly extracted food-killers that dominate so many retail shelves then these are for you. Start with the reds from the Douro region where the blend is from Tinta Amarela, Touriga Francesa and Tinta Roriz vines. If you like finesse you will see what I mean.

Chinon and Bourgueil from the Loire Valley (France): The Cabernet Franc based wines express themselves so well due to their high acidity. If you are not familiar with them go to Once there, sign up for their newsletter as it will keep you current with his ever-changing selection of French and Italian country wines. Kermit Lynch (Berkley, Calif.) is an artist in discovering lesser known wine from France and Italy. You all deserve to explore his "great value" portfolio. Put him in your favorite's folder.

Malbec from Argentina: Here are crowd-pleasers who are looking for massive reds at great prices. Great with any char-grilled meats. One of my favorites is El Felino by Paul Hobbs winery in Mendoza at around $19.00

Want to be controversial? Do you think that many chardonnays lack sufficient acid? Do you think many New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs are off the charts with their acidities? Then maybe you ought to try Tarriquet 2007 "Cote" Gascogne (50% Chardonnay; 50% Sauvignon Blanc) At around $12.99 I think it is worth a try... low alcohol (12.5%), slightly spritzy), a great aperitif wine.

Domaine Sigalas from the island of Santorini, Greece: This white wine made from Assyrtko grapes is steely dry with vibrant minerality making it a perfect accompaniment for shell fish at a very affordable price.

Not only are these wines great values but they also offer you ammunition to Power Entertain. Anyone can do a Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot or Pinot Noir party. You don't want look like anybody do you? So insert the element of surprise, raise your entertaining bar and be in the 1 % of executives who practice this.

If your local retailer doesn't have these wines, they can order them. If that isn't possible then you simply go the website: it's free. Simply enter the wine you are looking for with its vintage and up will pop a dozen or so offerings from around the US that are sitting on shelves waiting for you.


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