Power Entertaining Made Easy

Power Entertaining Made Easy

"I haven't seen anyone hold an audience spellbound like Eddie Osterland."
- Chris Edmonds, Maitre'd (The Rainbow Room)

As you know, I work with organizations that want to offer their clients something a little extra special. Here are some of the highlights from a client appreciation event hosted by Australian National Bank where I was the featured during-dinner entertainer.

Beginnings and endings make the most impact!
Just like any business presentation, people usually remember the first things and the last things. It's no different with entertaining. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS serve your guests something spectacular first while their appetites are still sharp. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER allow them to graze on dips, chips and nuts before dinner. Afterwards, finish with a "flaming" dessert for maximum impact.

Start with Champagne to make your event really special!
Most Americans rarely drink Champagne with dinner, relegating it instead to celebratory events like weddings, birthdays and New Year's Eve. Make your event stand out by ALWAYS starting with champagne.

Offer something different!
Treat your guests to something other than the typical Chardonnay and Cabernet dinner. Educate their palates by serving them some of the following "food-friendly" wines.


"Food-Friendly" Whites

Riesling (One of Germany's finest vintages, high, racy acidity)
Kabinett, Spätlese - slightly sweet

Halbtrocken - dry
Trocken - bone dry
Food pairing suggestion: Try sweet Spätlese from 2002 with sweet spare ribs. The acidity cuts through the fat and the sweetness and blends the two like magic!

Sauvignon Blanc
New Zealand, South Africa, France (Loire Valley)
Food-pairing suggestion: Try with any goat cheese creation for another magical combination!

Pinot Grigio
Italy - Pinot Grigio      Alsace - Pinot Gris
Food-pairing suggestion: Perfect with pan-fried sole or trout. The wine is light and crisp and doesn't overwhelm the fish like so many heavy- hitting Chardonnays.

"Food-Friendly" Reds

Pinot Noir
California, Oregon, France, New Zealand
Food-pairing suggestion: Pinots have a wonderful affinity for duck or mushrooms — or marinate salmon in a fruity California Pinot and you'll have a red wine with fish that truly works.

Food-pairing suggestion: Try with grilled lamb or beef. The high acidity in the wine becomes less apparent as it amplifies the meat flavors and hence, the fruitiness of the wine becomes more apparent.

Cabernet Franc
France (Loire Valley) Chinon & Bourgueil
Food-pairing suggestion: Cabernet Francs from the Loire valley have just the requisite acidity to cut through fat, consequently they are ideally suited to go with patès and dishes with rich sauces.

France (Cru Beaujolais)
Food-pairing suggestion: Both Cabernet Franc and Gamay are the quintessential wines for roast chicken—just make sure to serve all your reds slightly cool. (20 minutes in the fridge is usually perfect)

People's tastes are as uniquely different as their fingerprints. Because of this, rarely does one wine work with each course. Why don't you open several of these food-friendly wines and allow everyone to taste them before dinner with an eclectic assortment of appetizers? Then, when seated for dinner they can choose what they want with their dinner rather than serving them what you like. Try this and you will see people sitting down with red, white and pink (don't discount this color) at the same table.

What I like best is to work these "Power Entertaining" principles into a dinner event or break-out session for groups of all sizes. Please take a look at my website to see some of what I offer. If you would like to know more about how I can make your event more educational & entertaining please call me to request a video.

Power Entertaining Is Always Easy If You...
Plan Ahead, Impress Your Guests & Enjoy Their Company!

Until next time. Cheers, Eddie "O"

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