What is Power Entertaining?

Mastering the Fine Art of Professional Entertaining

What do you do when you're at a fancy downtown restaurant for dinner with a million-dollar business deal on the table, and the waiter hands you the wine list? What matters right now, at this moment, is your wine IQ, and your ability to entertain this client in a way they will never forget.

Power Entertaining

'Power Entertaining' is using great wine, food and hospitality as the currency for creating unforgettable events, fostering strong business relationships, and instilling in people the desire to do business with you and your company or organization.

Through Edddie Osterland's tried and true methods, you can learn how to craft lasting business relationships based on the time honored principles of courtesy, generosity and old world hospitality.

In Eddie's book Power Entertaining, Master Sommelier and America's foremost wine and food coach outlines dozens of power entertaining tips that can make anyone a more effective host or hostess. From corporate business events to private dinners with clients in restaurants, Eddie can guide you every step of the way.

Discover how to entertain business clients and associates with knowledge and confidence, using good wine and food as the ingredients to build strong and lasting business relationships, bocoming somebody whom others will be attracted to and want to do business with time and time again.

Power Entertaining: Secrets to Building Lasting Relationships, Hosting Unforgettable Events, and Closing Big Deals from America's 1st Master Sommelier:

  • Teaches you how to transform boring business meetings and sales functions into memorable social events that people will want to attend again and again.
  • Helps you build long-term business relationships based on the time-honored principles of courtesy, generosity and old world hospitality

Success is always in the details, so master the finer points of entertaining before your next big business event.


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