Power Entertaining with Food & Wine - Dinner Event

A "During Dinner" Keynote Address ~ Eddie's Signature Event!

Eddie utilizes pairs of wines to enhance your dinner, and will work with your chef to custom-design a dinner unlike any others you've seen. Eddie discusses the concept of "food-wines" and demonstrates why some wines enhance food flavors better than others. This is highly entertaining...with an explosive start-up, followed by humorous anecdotes and true stories.

Learn Something New! All too often people seem to adhere to a strict set of rules (protocol) when it comes to entertaining with wine and food. What's that all about? It's time to learn how to do it differently. Listen to the way Master Sommelier Eddie Osterland would like to see you do it.

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Go way beyond the expectations of your clients/guests: Use the right glasses, use large-format bottles, chill the reds, decant the wines, serve the best foods and wines first, go with pairs of wines that teach your guests about food-wines.

Push the envelope and entertain from the position of Power...your guests will be impressed!

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"Wine knowledge is a powerful tool for today's businessperson — providing leverage in all business enteretaining. Eddie Osterland's dynamic but expert approach makes learning about wine just as much fun as drinking it."

Mary Ewing-Mulligan, Master of Wine and co-author Wine for Dummies

"Having seen many an outside speaker "present" at our member meetings in both Northern & Southern California, I have to say that the presentation that night was probably the best I have ever heard! "

Richard Barrett from ProVisors

"We walked away from the luncheon not only well fed and entertained, but armed with a wealth of ideas. Your lists of Classic Food and Wine Pairings, Food Friendly Whites and Reds, Wine Savvy Restaurant Tips, Foodie Websites, and 7 Power Entertaining Tips will all be put to good use."

Abby from Activant

"I know our guests loved your session, rating you 1st out of 20 "highly respected" nationally renowned speakers for the show."

Jim Schultze, Conference Manager, FICP

"Your presentation was the perfect mix of warmth, humor and education. You allowed for the attendees to become colleagues and friends by encouraging their conversation."

Mary Ellen Saunders, Association for Financial Professionals

"Our guests were absolutely thrilled with your presentation. They particularly enjoyed your energy and enthusiasm and the wealth of knowledge you imparted was priceless... Your personal stories and anecdotes provided wonderful life lessons and also some great humor."

Nicole Mader, Manager, Event Planning, General Mills

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