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Most of us truly enjoy hosting both business clients and friends at dinner as a way of being gracious, hospitable and sealing a new relationship or celebrating a well established one. When that opportunity arises, we want the simple ideas that create an immediate, positive impact that will turn an ordinary experience into a lasting memory. But, choosing the menu for the event can be daunting and, even more so, selecting the wines that will enhance the various foods can be worrisome.

Eddie Osterland, America's first Master Sommelier, can help you erase any entertaining worries. Eddie offers a "new operating system" when it comes to creating a moment that no one will ever forget. Most dinner parties assume the same old model and getting a reservation at a famous restaurant simply isn't enough anymore. Learn how to stand out from everyone else who haven't learned Eddie's Power Entertaining skills.

An Entertainer using dynamic, state of the art presentations, fun, unpretentious, humorous, great practical insights on entertaining for business or pleasure.
  • Currently there are 118 master Sommeliers in the United States. Eddie Osterland was the first of them... a pioneer!
  • French Trained- graduated (in 1975) from the University of Bordeaux France with a degree of professional taster (D.U.A.D-Diplôme Universitaire D'Aptitude A la Dégustation Des Vins)
  • Master Sommelier, Guild of Sommeliers, London England
  • Former head Sommelier Hôtel de la Poste, Beaune France
  • Past Director of Trade Education for the International Wine Center in New York Where he traveled for 5 years to 25 cities each year presenting his unique multi-media style events on behalf of companies like American Express, National Restaurant Association, Heublein Inc, Foods & Wines From France and the Italian Trade Center
  • Author of the unprecedented Wine & the Bottom Line written for the National Restaurant Association
  • Former Wine Editor for Restaurant Business Magazine for more than a decade
  • Chosen by Esquire Magazine to do their "Wine Advisor Video"
  • Creator of "Discovering the Pleasures of Wine" audio series
  • Member National Speakers Association (NSA)
  • Degree in Psychology
  • Instrument-Rated pilot

One Sheet

Most Popular Programs

LEARN SOMETHING NEW! All too often people, seem to adhere to a strict set of rules (protocol) when it comes to entertaining with wine and food. What's that all about? It's time to learn how to do it differently, and Master Sommelier Eddie Osterland will show you the light!
  • The Grape Escape: Passport to the Wines of the World
  • The Affinity of Food and Wine: How to Harmonize Flavors
  • How to Taste Wine Like the Masters: How to Become a wine Expert in only 45 minutes
  • Quest for the Best: Discover the Finest Wines of the World
  • Winning with Wine: Executive Entertaining at Home or on the Road

Executive Programs

Eddie's executive programs allow participants to explore, in more depth, the factors that create wines of distinction. These programs are designed to develop the wine tasting confidence of the participants so as to enable them to impress when they entertain at home or on the road. In this event participants are divided into tasting-teams. After being trained how to score wines like the Master Sommeliers, teams compete in a "blind tasting challenge", votes are tabulated and awards are presented. The ultimate in corporate entertainment, this venue is ideally suited to staff rewards and incentives, client entertainment, team building and other company social events.

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